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The WoodCrafter




Simple Portfolio


Solo for Artist




Parallax Demo



Includes 13 creative custom widgets we’ve designed just for you. Visual Composer is an easy drag and drop page builder that will save you tons of works. Build any layout you can imagine without a line of code. 28$ Value

Multi-Page | One Pager | Landing Pages

You have the possibilities to create stunning multi pages or single one pager with unlimited layouts. Use hotlinks to navigate sections of your page on one-click !

Video Backgrounds & Parallax

Want to add an edge to your website ? Just add some video backgrounds or Parallax. Our theme is 100% ready for this.

3D Push Menu FX

What makes Driver so incredible is the way we designed the menu. It includes 3 unique effects including 3D FX. In addition, you will use hotlinks to shows your important links at the top of your site anytime.

Events & Gig Manager

Show your upcoming events with Driver. Just roll over the event module, and people will knows how long till the next event. In every single gigs you can set unlimited information combined with unlimited layouts. Magic.

Hot Links

With Hot Links, you will be able to build one-pager websites and allow people to jump from section to section with a single-click. Stick your featured content link at the top of your site.

Audio Player & Music Albums

Add tracks and MP3 on any pages along with Lyrics, Reviews, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and BandCamp player. You can even sell your music online !

Impressive Photo Albums

We had so much fun building this feature. The result is impressive. Upload your photos in bulk, set focus points with one-click and we take care of everything. Your photo albums will always look amazing.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is fully integrated with Driver. It’s everything you need to start selling online today.

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